Secure Collaboration...Enabled.


Ezenia’s InfoWorkSpace complete application suite is comprised of three seamlessly-integrated components which work in unison to provide a comprehensive virtual collaboration experience.

Launchpad - single sign-on for instant secure communication with audio/text chat, messaging, shared data and white boarding

IWS - secure data repository, production tools, buildings/floor/rooms built to allow only those with a need to enter to see and access

Conferencing Center - large group session capabilities with situational awareness and feedback to the presenters

In addition to multi-dimensional scalability which allows users to essentially “self-clone,” this triple-threat reflects the highest levels of security and searchable auditability.  In fact, InfoWorkSpace creates and stores a convenient record of all user transactions including secure chat, providing traceable accountability for future reference.

InfoWorkSpace has previously been available only to Federal, Defense & Intelligence, and Government clients.  Now Ezenia is releasing InfoWorkSpace to the commercial sector.  See how InfoWorkSpace can enhance group collaboration for Corporate, Education and Healthcare users as well.

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