Letter from the President

Letter from the President

With the conclusion of Fiscal 2010, I’ve been privileged to work with the Ezenia team for some four months.  It is therefore appropriate to share with you some observations and plans.  While I don’t believe in long puff-pieces full of rosy predictions, I do believe in straight forward and frequent communications with all our current customers, future customers, and shareholders.  So mark this as the first of more to come.

You know from reading our financial statements that Ezenia has been struggling as we have continued to invest in our advanced technologies.  It is therefore my first priority to regain the company’s momentum in the marketplace and restore it to growth and profitability.  To make that happen, we are doing a number of things:

Working hard to retain the trust of our current customers and achieve 100% license renewal rates. Our rate for Q4 of this year will be around 98%, and our goal is to maintain that rate going forward.  We are also working to increase training revenues so as to keep our thousands of users current with our technologies.

•Sharpening our focus on our new generation of secure collaboration technologies. We’ve brought aboard additional Q/A personnel and web developers as we prepare new capabilities for the market.  We are also working more closely with technology partners large and small to make sure our integrated tool sets are best of breed.  Our products were battle-tested in Iraq and it is most important to me that we remain conscious of that heritage and that experience.

•Launching a major communications campaign to build market awareness and put more information into the hands of our customers and shareholders.

•Focusing our sales efforts on major enterprise opportunities in both government and industry where our technologies can be included in the “solution stack.”

•Placing more emphasis in our development efforts on security. It is plain to see that in this new age of cyber warfare, security is a paramount concern.  We aim to enable our users to collaborate in highly secure environments and believe that more and more enterprises will see the need for security as a decade of increased threats unfolds.

To characterize our approach to product development and deployment, I’ve coined a new term—hypercollaboration. Our view is that while simple instant messaging or teleconferencing may be useful, the true leverage from collaborative environments is only realized when the toolset is complete and seamlessly integrated.  Our mission is to enable secure collaboration so that government and civilian managers can fulfill their missions in real-time, on-line….we confer this advantage.

I welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions and urge you to take advantage of the communications features of our website, www.ezenia.com, to express your views or make inquiries.

Pete Janke

President and Vice Chairman

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