InfoWorkSpace saves lives in Iraq

Burlington, MA, May 17, 2005 – Ezenia! Inc. (OTCBB: EZEN.OB), a leading market provider of real-time collaboration solutions for corporate and government networks and eBusiness, announced today the successful completion of the recent case study with LTC. John Carpenter of the Standing Joint Force Headquarters (SJFHQ) located in Norfolk, Virginia.

Ezenia! has initiated the “Best Practices” series of reports which detail the case studies of how our customers best deploy and put InfoWorkSpace (IWS) to use to solve their real-life, mission-critical situations. Through the “Best Practices” program, Ezenia! showcases its customers, together with their experience and expertise, to further promote cross-collaboration and cross-pollination on how InfoWorkSpace could be put to more efficient and effective use. Ezenia! is pleased and honored to have the Standing Joint Force Headquarters (SJFHQ) represented by LTC. John Carpenter as part this premier case study.

The Collaborative Information Environment (CIE) is the interoperability of a prototype information system designed to improve information sharing for combatant commanders in the joint operational theaters of the future. “The CIE actually allows people to work together and share information even though they may be geographically separated or in different time zones,” said LTC. Carpenter. At PACOM, EUCOM, SOUTHCOM, and JFCOM, just to name a few, InfoWorkSpace plays a large role in the CIE. As part of the Multi-National Forces – Iraq (MNF-I) CIE suite, InfoWorkSpace is also being used at a number of locations in Iraq, namely the Joint Operations Center (JOC), the US Embassy, the British Maude House, and most of the Allied nations to include the Polish, British, Ukrainian, and South Korea.

“InfoWorkSpace has been used as a “Force Protection” tool so that commanders and others don’t have to meet face to face but can use InfoWorkSpace for meetings that would usually require them to physically drive and take life threatening chances of being caught in an ambush or with other Improvised Explosive Devices (IED),” remarked LTC. Carpenter. “Using InfoWorkSpace as part of the CIE has allowed our commands to work with each other halfway around the globe, in real time.”

“I can tell you now, today, InfoWorkSpace has saved many lives,” added LTC. Carpenter. “Using InfoWorkSpace provides the ability for up to date “situational awareness” in real time so anyone can react to situations which occur on a rapidly changing battlefield. As a great example during the war in Iraq, InfoWorkSpace’s unique ability to ensure secure information sharing in a real time critical situation allowed for a two Star Admiral to communicate utilizing InfoWorkSpace, therefore avoiding the need to travel in unsafe territory.”

“The III Corps Surgeons General also uses InfoWorkSpace to coordinate medical logistics, patient movements, and situational awareness on all types of wounds and injuries across Iraq,” further commented LTC. Carpenter. “The logisticians used InfoWorkSpace extensively, especially during the Spanish pull out. It reduced the need for coalition logisticians to travel down to Babylon to conduct logistic and equipment transfers.”

Mr. Nguyen, Ezenia! Chairman & CEO remarked that “I am particularly gratified to hear that InfoWorkSpace plays a role not only in minimizing the risk to our soldiers in harm’s way but also, more importantly, in saving lives. Ezenia is truly honored and I feel blessed to be of service to our men and women in the Armed Forces.”

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