Ezenia! Inc. Releases InfoWorkSpace Version 3.0.6

Nashua , N.H . (June 29, 2007) – Ezenia! Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: EZEN.OB), a leading market provider of real-time collaboration solutions for corporate and government networks and eBusiness, announced today the release and immediate availability of InfoWorkSpace v3.0.6.

InfoWorkSpace (IWS) v3.0.6 includes an increased array of features and capabilities that bring new benefits and flexibility to both end users and system administrators. In addition, the latest version of Ezenia’s flagship product builds upon the existing robust security infrastructure to provide even higher levels of information assurance within the collaborative environment. Highlights of InfoWorkSpace v3.0.6 include:

  • Ezenia’s dynamically-downloadable client capability
  • EZinFORM for better management of team activities
  • EZinCMD for faster decision-making in real-time
  • More flexible license management options
  • Improved security capability and compliance with critical standards

“Each and every feature we are introducing in this latest version of InfoWorkSpace was conceived by our customers,” said Jim Idelson, Ezenia’s Vice President of Marketing. “We are very pleased to be able to satisfy their needs by delivering the advanced collaboration capabilities they require while simplifying the task of managing these large deployments.”

Thin Client Supports Network-Centric Enterprise Services Model

InfoWorkSpace client capabilities can now be delivered seamlessly and transparently via a dynamic download process that is fast and transparent to the end user. When a user attempts to access IWS v3.0.6 for the first time, installation of a client is no longer required. Instead, the user simply clicks on a link to the IWS environment and gains immediate access to the full suite of collaboration tools. In the background, the small components required to enable each IWS function are loaded into browser cache only as they are needed. IWS runtime components remain resident in browser cache between IWS sessions, so future background downloads are rarely required.

Ezenia’s new thin client approach makes life easier for system administrators, as well. Enabling user systems to run InfoWorkSpace is now a hands-off activity, since download and installation of a full client and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) are no longer required. IWS v3.0.6 eliminates the need for administrators to grant administrator rights to users or become involved in every installation or upgrade of client software.

Powerful New End User Capabilities

Responding to the needs of critical incident response teams and command center operators, InfoWorkSpace v3.0.6 includes two major new capabilities aimed at improving incident management and real-time decision-making:

EZinFORM EZinFORM is the collaborative tool teams using InfoWorkSpace need to define templates, create forms from templates, and simultaneously edit data within forms. EZinFORM allows team members to view modifications to the content of a form in real-time. As a form is being edited, EZinFORM posts the presence of all participants in the session and logs the history of all revisions with names of the authors and timestamps. Auditing capability within EZinFORM enables revisions to be tracked.

With the touch of a button, EZinCMD gives a team leader the ability to assemble key resources and personnel and merge their capabilities and expertise to react to a crisis in real-time. EZinCMD provides a holistic view of all activities within virtual rooms in IWS and the ability to listen to a mix of audio traffic, mute selective or all rooms, monitor the presence of current attendees in each room, and move attendees from one room to another. Most importantly, the leader can instantly combine all participants into a single target meeting, resulting in a more timely response to a critical situation.

Easier Deployment and Management for Administrators

InfoWorkSpace v3.0.6 gives system administrators additional server platform options and licensing flexibility.

 LaunchPad-Only Deployment Option

Administrators can now choose to limit certain users to access only the capabilities of LaunchPad, InfoWorkSpace’ entry-level collaboration toolset. This allows administrators more flexibility in allocating full IWS licenses to specific user groups.

Solaris 10 Server Support

IWS v3.0.6 is now certified to run on Solaris 10 servers, allowing administrators to maintain consistency of deployed server OS versions and to take advantage of the latest features that Solaris 10 has to offer.

 Continuing Focus on Advanced Security

Ezenia continues to build increasing levels of security into IWS. Responding to the continually evolving security requirements of the DoD and Intelligence Communities, IWS v3.0.6 supports a variety of new security capabilities.

  • FIPS 140-2-compliant algorithms and libraries in both the IWS client and server
  • NSA Suite B-approved algorithms and keysizes
  • AES-encrypted chat from client to server
  • Enhanced-strength JAR files are available for IWS client
  • Administrator can set server to deny access to clients with less than enhanced-security JAR files

Getting InfoWorkSpace 3.0.6

New installations of IWS will include version 3.0.6. The new version is also available as a free upgrade to existing customers with current IWS licenses through Ezenia’s web-based upgrade process. System administrators wishing to upgrade to v3.0.6 should complete the upgrade checklist available at www.ezenia.com. Ezenia Customer Service will assist with a smooth installation or upgrade. Customer Service can also be reached directly at 866-269-0532 or customersupport@ezenia.com.






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