Ezenia! Inc. Receives $1 Million Award for SBIR Phase II Contract Extension

Nashua, N.H. (November 27, 2006) – Ezenia! Inc. (OTCBB:EZEN.OB), a leading market provider of real-time collaboration solutions, today announced the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in Rome, New York has awarded the Company a $1 million contract extension for Phase II of its Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract.

The objective of the Phase II contract extension is to design and develop a multi-level secure architecture that will support mission- and time-critical collaboration within and across organizations. The completed solution will provide secure cross-boundary access, dynamic discovery and sharing of information and knowledge in real-time across dissimilarly classified networks.

The SBIR Phase II extension was driven by Joint Force Command’s (JFCOM) and the Information Services group of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Ezenia has already completed the creation of an XMPP chat exchange technology for the Collaboration Gateway (CG) environment developed by Trident Systems Inc. Simultaneously, in a related project, Ezenia concluded the development of a special form editor, EZinFORM, to enhance information sharing and tracking across various agencies. The final objective of this project is to combine these efforts into one Rapid Prototype Solution for the CG.

In support of the SBIR Phase II extension, AFRL-Rome and Ezenia recruited several product and system integrators including Chiliad Inc., Dolphin Technology Inc., and Trident Systems Inc. For the first time, Ezenia will act as the prime contractor with the integrators providing new functional enhancements and improved performance for their products as well as integration support for the development project.

While the relationship with these contractors is expected to have a lowering effect on margins for this contract, the long term gains will be more beneficial to Ezenia and its flagship product, InfoWorkSpace (IWS). The total solution, incorporating IWS with its enhancements, will facilitate and accelerate interagency information sharing and tracking. The integrated system will create a more effective real-time collaboration platform for use by various organizations and across dissimilar networks, track and log all accesses by users, and ensure that information is appropriately monitored, filtered, and encrypted.

“Ezenia is proud to be the prime contractor and recipient of this SBIR Phase II award and appreciates the opportunity to manage this important project. We are unrelenting in expanding the capabilities of our flagship product, InfoWorkSpace Version 3, to address the critical needs of secure communication within the Collaboration Gateway environment,” stated John Watkins, Vice President of Strategic Market Development. “While these improvements are being developed for the federal agencies, we see potential applicability to state and municipal agencies, homeland security, and commercial business enterprises.”

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