Ezenia! Inc. Announces Release of InfoWorkSpace Version

Nashua, NH, June 20, 2005. Ezenia! Inc. (OTCBB: EZEN.OB), a leading market provider of real-time collaboration solutions for corporate and government networks and eBusiness, announced today the release of InfoWorkSpace Version and its immediate availability, including via direct upgrade download from Ezenia’s web site, www.ezenia.com.

The latest version of Ezenia’s flagship product builds upon the existing robust security infrastructure to provide even more stringent information assurance within the InfoWorkSpace collaborative environment. In addition, an array of new features and capabilities provides unprecedented flexibility to Ezenia users to customize and brand various interfaces.

InfoWorkSpace is the culmination of an intense development project combining the requirements of a custom software development engagement and the desire to simultaneously bring forward advanced and industry-first flexible enhancements, addressing pending customer needs. Highlights of InfoWorkSpace v2.5.1.3 include:

Customization Capabilities
InfoWorkSpace users have the flexibility to manage a database of custom images that can be used instead of the default images or icons. Images can be used as server favicons, building icons and even watermarks within text chat sessions. The customization capabilities allow for branding of an IWS server and improve user awareness when working within multiple places and/or sessions.

Chat Journaling
Version provides the capability to do real time searches against the chat information stored. Additionally, a secure process allows for real-time monitoring of chats containing sensitive data to be identified and, if instructed, purged.

Content Classification
Overlaying a classification infrastructure for all InfoWorkSpace objects allows for classification of all contents entered into the system and enables enforced validation of proper authorization for access to content objects, even by properly authenticated users.

Enhanced Auditing
With version, all content modifications, including all administrative actions and whiteboard modifications, are recorded, audited and are available for query or played back through the existing, standard InfoWorkSpace interface.

Real-Time Administrative Control
Version provides real-time access to the persistent information contained in a room’s chat history. History of persistent information of a room is a hallmark function of InfoWorkSpace. Administrators now have the flexibility to persist the data, throttle the amount, or choose the specific data, if needed.

User Presence Application Programming Interface (API)
Ezenia strives to conform to interoperability criteria, adhere to open standards, and promote programmability openness with APIs, where applicable. With InfoWorkSpace version, an XML-based API is included to allow for InfoWorkSpace user presence to be integrated with other applications, as needed.

“We are very excited about getting InfoWorkSpace into our customers’ hands,” remarked Mike Bass, Vice President of Engineering Services. “Already the most secure collaborative tool on the market even before Version is released, InfoWorkSpace now adds unprecedented flexibility and even more robust security assurance, as a direct result of dynamic business needs by our customers. Lessons learned with Version combined with critical requirements derived from on-going feedback by our customers, e.g. backward compatibility and inclusion of open standards, will make Version 3.0, when released, be even more customer-centric.”

Upgrading to Version requires at least version 2.5.1 installed, as a prerequisite, before the upgrade could be applied.

About Ezenia! Inc.
Ezenia! Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: EZEN.OB), founded in 1991, is a leading provider of real-time collaboration solutions, bringing new and valuable levels of interaction and collaboration to corporate networks and the Internet. By integrating voice, video and data collaboration, the Company’s award-winning products enable groups to interact through a natural meeting experience regardless of geographic distance. Ezenia! products allow dispersed groups to work together in real-time using powerful capabilities such as instant messaging, white boarding, screen sharing and text chat. The ability to discuss projects, share information and modify documents allows users to significantly improve team communication and accelerate the decision-making process. More information about Ezenia! Inc. and its product offerings can be found at the company’s Web site,www.Ezenia.com.

Note to Investors
Statements included herein that are not historical facts include forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual operating results to differ from those indicated by such forward-looking statements. These risks and uncertainties include the considerations that are discussed in the Management’s Discussion and Analysis section of the Company’s 2006 Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2004, such as the evolution of Ezenia!’s market, its dependence on major customers, rapid technological change and competition within the collaborative software market, its reliance on third party technology, protection of its propriety technology, its history of liquidity concerns and operating losses, and other considerations that are discussed further in this report. Copies of the Company’s 2004 Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2004, or other publicly available financial information, may be received at no charge by contacting Investor Relations at Ezenia!.

Note: Ezenia! is a registered trademark of Ezenia! Inc., and the Ezenia! Logo and InfoWorkSpace are trademarks of Ezenia! Inc. Additional information on Ezenia! and its products is available at our website http://www.ezenia.com.




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