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When a critical incident threatens the safety of the community in your educational environment, time is of the essence.  There is no time to build a plan, to search for your people, to ask for advice.  The only option is to act – decisively and correctly.


Planning and practice are at the core of a successful emergency response process.  Without an ongoing investment in preparedness, when an incident occurs, it is impossible to achieve maximum responsiveness and effectiveness. InfoWorkSpace Provides the environment you can use to create complete plans, to develop training simulations, and to practice every procedure – before the emergency occurs.


When a real critical incident arises, the same familiar InfoWorkSpace environment is there for you.  It shortcuts the process of bringing people to the same physical location.  It makes available instantly the people and information first responders and command center staff need to assemble a rapid, effective response.  And, once the chain of analysis and decision-making has been completed, instant notification of staff, students, emergency response teams and others can be initiated – all from within the InfoWorkSpace environment.


When the immediate situation has been addressed, but while the experience of the response team is still fresh in everyone’s mind, it is time to debrief and discuss lessons learned.  With planning information and a complete, detailed history of the recent event recorded in the InfoWorkSpace virtual environment, the process of analyzing decisions and developing new best practices is easy to accomplish.

With Ezenia’s InfoWorkSpace as your day-to-day and critical incident collaboration solution, you have the tool you need to ensure that your actions in response to any event are well-planned and executed flawlessly.  And the Ezenia solution goes further than collaboration.  It includes capabilities that let you get the word out – so you can protect and defend the safety of everyone who may be at risk.

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